Work Process

Hassle-free online photography services

1. Place Your Order Online

Visit our Place Order page and fill out the form. When submitted, you’ll receive an e-mail with a unique Tracking ID and detailed shipping instructions. If you would like a quote before you ship, you can send us the details of your project, and we’ll send an email with a quote.

2. Email Us With Sample Image

When you create an order, you can write any specific instructions, concerns, and idea OR send email to us at According to the order, we shall give you an estimate turnaround time and the photography rates for the project. If you agree, ship product to our studio address.

3. Send Us Your Products

Carefully pack your products and ship them to our France Studio address. It is recommended to select and ship the best product. Avoid items with scratches, dents, kinks, and any unwanted surface aberrations to ship. Be cautious shipping products, so they don’t get damaged in transit. Enclose your reference number outside the box so we can let you know when your products arrive.

4. We Photograph Your Products

When we receive your products on-hand, we will go through the details of your order. Moreover, before starting photography, we will discuss with any questions or concerns you may have. Once payment is processed, we’ll start shooting your photos. We have highly capable lenses that are capable of capturing sharp and crisp images.

5. Approve The Photos

If you have the exact idea of how the product needs to be shoot/angled/ arranged, send us the link to the similar item OR snapshots of your thoughts. Alternatively, if NO images/ideas are shared, we will proceed with the shots as per our experience and expertise. In case of angles and shots, we’ll discuss with you. After your confirmation, all shots as discussed will be charged once the work begins.

6. Return Ship & Close

We request you to give your address to us. Thus we can ship your product after completing the photography project. Double-check your address whether it is accurate or not. We don’t take any responsibility if your product hasn’t reached the address. Shipment of the product means the closing of the order.

Our Product Photography

  • No additional cost for group pictures up to 5 pieces.
  • No additional cost for large products up to 3 feet on the length.
  • No additional cost for products with shiny or metallic surfaces.
  • No additional cost for backgrounds other than white.
  • No additional cost for photo editing.

Photo Specifications

  • Images with full format and full quality
  • Pure white background with shadow
  • Photo-post production to remove dust, blemishes, & basic retouch
  • Instant online delivery through Portal
  • Ready-to-use for Amazon, websites & print with use license
Want product photographs with props or use a background other than white? See our lifestyle photography.

Special Project Request

If you prefer to be unique in photography style, let us know.
We have experienced photographers, designers, and creative artists to meet the expectations.

Exceptional Services You Get Only From Us

  • 1. 24 Rush Request - Best to call if you're in a hurry +33 605 838 825
  • 2. Project-based photography
  • 3. Large Order 50+ Photos
  • 4. Lifestyle Photography
  • 5. Clothing Photography
  • 6. Jewelry Photography
  • 7. Oversized Item
  • 8. High-end Retouching